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U Mobile partners with Time dotCom to offer fibre broadband services

by Warren

U Mobile’s fibre broadband service is about to enter high-rise residentials soon, as the telco has partnered with Time dotCom today as part of its long-term Home Broadband strategy, which will increase its household reach more than 7 folds and customers will be able to enjoy up to 1Gbps of speeds.

At this time of writing, U Mobile has yet to update its home fibre broadband page, it still currently shows its existing broadband plans which will cost RM129/month for the 100Mbps plan and up to RM299/month for the 1Gbps plan, this is comparatively higher than Time’s existing broadband plans as the telco has previously partnered with Allo Technology, a subsidiary of Tenaga Nasional to offer home fibre broadbands in selected areas.

U Mobile has previously offered 50% off its fibre broadband plans if you paired it with supported U Postpaid plans, which the company has since ended on 17th August 2022, which is quite a great deal if you are already a U Postpaid subscriber, and the rates can actually be cheaper than signing up to a separate home fibre broadband plan from other service providers.

“U Mobile has won Frost & Sullivan’s Mobile Services Company of the Year for many years in a row and it is testament to the appeal of our unbeatable mobile plans. We certainly hope to have the same kind of appeal with our high-speed fibre broadband plans. Our latest partnership with Time is an affirmation to our commitment as we will be expanding the reach of our high-speed fibre broadband services exponentially via their footprint. U Mobile is also working hard to innovate to bring even more home broadband plans and benefits for our customers to enjoy a truly converged experience,” said Wong Heang Tuck, Chief Executive Officer of U Mobile.

As U Mobile has recently revamped its 5G-ready postpaid plans, stay tuned for its home fibre broadbands that should be revealed really soon here.

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