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WhatsApp can now send uncompressed photos and videos

by Warren
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It wasn’t too long ago that we were given the option to send HD versions of our photos and videos on WhatsApp, and now, you can finally send uncompressed photos and videos up to 2GB per file over the popular messaging app.

Well, before you start complaining that the option isn’t available when you send photos the regular way, the way to send uncompressed photos and videos is in fact hidden in ‘Files’ when you tap the ‘+’ button in a chat, instead of going directly to your phone’s file browser, you now get a second option that says ‘Choose Photo or Video’, you will then be taken to your photo library to choose the photo or video you want to send, it will then be sent as a file that can be previewed by the recipient without downloading the actual file.

It definitely took quite a while for WhatsApp to catch up on essential features like this, and we aren’t sure why it still isn’t as straightforward as choosing between the HD and SD quality photos, but you never know, the update might eventually come in the near future.

The new update is now available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS.

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