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WhatsApp will finally let you have one number on multiple phones with Companion Mode

by Warren

Have you always wanted to use the same WhatsApp number on at least two smartphones?

WhatsApp is finally rolling out such a feature known as Companion Mode, which will finally allow you to have one phone number to be used on up to four devices, this is a long-awaited feature especially for people who carries multiple smartphones and wants to access their chats without using their main device.

Such feature has been available on other services such as Telegram for a long time, which allows you to sign in on multiple devices as long as you verify those logins with a one-time code.

Companion Mode on WhatsApp will sync all your messages, media and calls with end-to-end encryption, while there are also things you can’t do on your secondary devices, such as view live locations, create and view broadcast lists, and manage WhatsApp statuses.

To setup a secondary device, make sure your WhatsApp has been updated to the latest version, and all you need to do is to tap on the Link a Device option when launching the app where it prompts you to enter your phone number, have your main device scan the QR code with the Linked Devices feature just like how you’d login on WhatsApp Web, then you should be all set.

This feature is still rolling out at this time of writing so don’t be surprised if it hasn’t reached you yet.

Source: WhatsApp

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