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YouTube Vanced shuts down due to legal threats from Google

by Warren

The team at YouTube Vanced has announced that the app will no longer be able for download due to legal threats from Google, the app basically removes the need for a YouTube Premium subscription and allows any Android phones to stream YouTube videos without ads, and it’d be about time that the project got warned by none other than Google themselves.

Vanced owners were sent a cease and desist letter by Google, which they were asked to stop the distribution of the app, remove all related references to YouTube and change the logo.

However, the team will continue to maintain its Discord server, Telegram and subreddit, which could imply hope that the team is working around to make the app available again, probably with a different name and logo, and unlike apps like Popcorn Time, the app technically doesn’t infringe on creator copyright, though it does affect ad revenue earnings with its ad blocking feature.

While the app will no longer be distributed in the next few days, there is no mention of whether the Vanced app will cease to work as usual, but it is probably time that you susbcribe to YouTube Premium if you want an ad-free YouTube experience.

Source: Twitter (Vanced)

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