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Apple One Premier now in Malaysia: Priced from RM69.90

by Victor Ng

Apple One Premier is now in Malaysia, if you’ve been eyeing for an upgrade since it was announced late last month.  

Like we reported before, the new subscription plan now gives you access to Fitness+ – a holistic fitness experience meant to be used in-tandem with your Apple watch and iPhone. 

The top-tier plan also gives you 2TB of iCloud+ storage, plus other Apple One services such as Music, tv+, and Arcade. 

The entire service costs RM69.90/month – and it’ll save you a whopping RM49.60 each month if you were to subscribe to each service individually. In fact, 2TB of iCloud+ storage alone will set you back RM33.90/month. 

So, if you’re a sucker for value, and convenient digital subscriptions or services, you should consider the Apple One Premier. Visit Apple’s website here to learn more. 

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