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Soundcore Launches AeroFit Series Earbuds for Open-Ear Listening Experience

by Warren

Soundcore by Anker Innovations has expanded its audio collection with the launch of its first open-ear earbuds: the AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i.

These products arrive as consumer demand surges for earbuds that offer high-quality audio without sealing off the environment. The AeroFit series is designed to deliver a comfortable and high-fidelity listening experience while allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings.

The AeroFit Pro and AeroFit feature an ergonomic hook-style design that places the audio driver just outside the ear, keeping the ear canal open for ambient sound.

This design is especially beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts such as runners and bikers, who need to be cognizant of environmental sounds like oncoming traffic or car horns for safety.

Crafted for comfort, the AeroFit series includes a soft-touch coating and utilizes aerospace-grade titanium wire, only 0.7mm thick, to ensure a secure fit around the ears.

Both models have endured over 5,000 bends in testing and are certified by SGS for durability. The AeroFit Pro additionally offers a detachable and adjustable neckband for extra security, while the AeroFit maintains a lightweight structure for extended wear. The V30i, weighing only 9.3g per earbud, provides a comfortable fit with a flexible hook.

Soundcore doesn’t compromise on sound quality. The AeroFit Pro and AeroFit feature oversized drivers—16.2mm and 14mm respectively—enhanced with titanium-coated dome drivers for superior sound in mid and high frequencies. Soundcore’s BassUp technology ensures a strong bass response, and an acoustic port on each earbud directs sound into the ear while minimizing leakage.

Android users can enjoy high-resolution audio on the AeroFit Pro through LDAC decoding, and the model also supports 360 Spatial Audio for an immersive listening experience. The V30i comes with 14.2mm drivers and a directional acoustic system to reduce sound leakage while providing satisfying bass with Soundcore Bass technology.

Open Ear Transparency is a standout feature of the AeroFit Pro and AeroFit, promoting environmental awareness without sacrificing audio enjoyment. This is particularly useful for urban commuters who need to hear traffic and conversations. The V30i also boasts this feature, keeping users safe and connected to their environment.

In terms of battery life, the AeroFit series leads the open-ear category. The AeroFit and AeroFit Pro offer 11 and 14 hours of playtime, respectively, and their charging cases extend total playtime to 42 and 46 hours. A quick 10-minute charge can yield up to 4 hours of playtime for the AeroFit and 5.5 hours for the AeroFit Pro. The V30i has a 12-hour playtime, reaching 36 hours with its charging case, and its fast-charging capability provides 3 hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge.

The AeroFit series earbuds come with additional features including four microphones with AI enhancement for clear calls, app customization, Bluetooth 5.3 with multi-point connectivity, and varying levels of water resistance: IPX5 for the AeroFit Pro and IPX7 with SweatGuardTM technology for the AeroFit.

Anker also introduced the AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone for exceptional audio clarity, and an update to their eufy Security line with the eufy Edge Security Starter Kit, featuring advanced AI technology for home security.

Pricing and availability for the new products are as follows:
– AeroFit Pro: RM 799.00, available in Dynamic Black, Frost White, Aqua Blue, and Electric Purple.
– AeroFit: RM 499.00, available in Midnight Black and Calm White.
– V30i: RM 299.00, available in Black.
– AnkerWork M650 Wireless Microphone: RM 1,699.00.
– eufy Edge Security Starter Kit: RM 899.00.

The AeroFit Pro, AeroFit, and V30i will be available for pre-order starting 3 March and for purchase on 27 March through the Anker official store on Lazada, the Soundcore by Anker official Shopee store, the eufy official store, TikTok shop, and offline retail partners. Anker backs its products with a 24-month “No Repair, Exchange Only” warranty, ensuring a commitment to quality and customer peace of mind.

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