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Wise Prepaid Card can now be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay

by Warren

If you frequently travel or make foreign online purchases, the Wise Prepaid Card is undoubtedly one of the best cards that you’d go for as it offers very competitive exchange rates and an excellent app experience, while it is also the only service that can receive money in certain countries, the service is about to get better as Wise Prepaid Cards issued in Malaysia can now be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay, saving one card slot in your physical wallet.

First spotted by our friends at SoyaCincau through social media, Wise has also apparently updated its help article to confirm that you can add the prepaid card to Apple Pay and Google Pay, on top of its already supported countries.

For Apple Pay users, you can easily add your Wise Prepaid Card through the Wise app as there will now be an ‘Add to Apple Wallet’ button, and on the Android camp, you will see an ‘Add to Google Pay’ button instead.

Samsung Pay isn’t supported at this time of writing.

This is definitely exciting news for travellers who mainly use their phones for contactless payments, while you might still want to keep your physical Wise Prepaid Card on hand if you need to perform overseas cash withdrawals. Compared to other prepaid cards, Wise offers up to 2 free withdrawals and with its competitive exchange rates, it could be potentially cheaper than the rates from money changers at times.

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