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WhatsApp will soon allow you to do Voice status updates

by Warren

Statuses on WhatsApp are similar to how you’d post Instagram and Facebook stories, and if you have been using it frequently to keep your friends updated on how you are doing, you’ll be happy that WhatsApp will soon allow you to use your voice as a status update instead of just pictures and text.

This feature has been spotted by none other than WABetaInfo on the latest beta version of WhatsApp, which if you are own the WhatsApp Beta for Android v2.23.2.8. If you are on the said WhatsApp beta version, you should be able to notice the voice note icon on the bottom right just like how it is on your chats, simply press and hold to start recording a voice status and post it, but unlike voice messages, you can only record up to 30 seconds of your voice.

Voice status is end-to-end encrypted, which you can also choose who you want to listen to your voice status, they disappear after 24 hours but users are also able to set it to listen to once for every user that have viewed it.

Personally, I haven’t been using WhatsApp Status since it was made available, but for those who prefer to use it to update their status to a small circle of friends, this could turn out to be a very unique way of posting your status.

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