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PRISM+ launches Luna Smart Air Conditioner and Aura Smart Air Purifier

by Warren

PRISM+ is looking to disrupt the Malaysian home appliances market with the introduction of the Luna Smart Air Conditioner and Aura Smart Air Purifier, these products go line with the company’s objective of bringing high quality products with premium features at accessible prices.

Luna Smart Air Conditioner

Starting with the Luna Smart Air Conditioner, it is a non-inverter aircond comes in 1HP and 1.5HP models that retails for RM799 and RM1099 respectively as an early bird promotion price, these are the only air conditioners within the price segment that offers smart home features, which you can control it with its smartphone app, monitor energy usage, set routines and even integrate it to work with Google Home.

On top of that, the Luna Air Conditioner’s filtration technology is pretty sophisticated as it offers Active Carbon, Anion, Vitamin C and Catechin when cooling your room.

What makes it even more interesting is the air conditioner’s 7-year warranty for all parts and the compressor, which is only eligible if you sign up to the company’s annual servicing package that costs RM168/year, which is only available in Klang Valley for now, and it is really affordable and recommended if you want it to run well in the long term.

Otherwise, the Luna has a 2-year indoor unit warranty and 5-year compressor warranty if you decide to opt out of the annual servicing package.

Aura Smart Air Purifier

The PRISM+ Aura Smart Air Purifier is essentially a carbon copy of the Sterra Moon Air Purifier with a different branding on the front, which isn’t surprising since Sterra is a sister brand of the company, it has essentially the same features such as being equipped with HEPA H13 medical-grade filtration technology, while providing smart features like infrared sensors to monitor, air quality in real-time, insights, remote access and 24-hour timer routines.

The Aura Smart Air Purifier shares the same app as the Luna Air Conditioner and can also be integrated with Google Home.

Where and When to Pre-Order?

Pre-orders for the PRISM+ Luna and Aura will begin on 1st May 2024 at PRISM+ official website via Atome, the second round of pre-orders will happen on 15th May 2024 in PRISM+ retail stores, Lazada and Shopee.

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