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Google Pixel 5 won’t come with a Snapdragon 865 according to reports

by Victor Ng
Google pixel 5 5g

The Google Pixel flagship family of smartphones usually come with the best chipsets available at the time – so you’d expect the upcoming Google Pixel 5 to ship with the latest Snapdragon 865 processor; but new reports are saying that won’t be the case. 

Snapdragon 765G

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According to Android Central, the base variant of the Google Pixel 5 will sport a Snapdragon 765G chipset – and although Qualcomm markets this processor as a premium entry; the brand’s 700-series have become synonymous with being an upper-midrange offering – not the premium flagships that are the SD 800-series. 

Despite this, other phones that sport the SD 765G such as the vivo X50 Pro and the OnePlus Nord perform fine on a daily basis – you may notice a slight drop in performance when it comes to gaming compared to a Snapdragon 865; but for the most part, the SD 765G is a capable chipset. 

Google Pixel 5 won't come with a Snapdragon 865 according to reports 28

vivo X50 Pro

It’s also energy-efficient and comes with 5G support, meaning you’re not losing all that much – but with this said, we still think a flagship brand like the Google Pixel should still come equipped with the best Qualcomm chip, so we’re guessing Google’s decision to use the SD 765G leaves room for them to put out a bigger and better Pixel 5 with the SD 865 or even SD 865 Plus. We can’t help but think this is their way of enticing customers to spend big on the more premium variants of the Pixel 5. 

Well, enough about chipsets – the aforementioned reports also say the Pixel 5 will pack a 6-inch OLED 90Hz display, 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage.  

That’s all we know about the Google Pixel 5 for now – and we still have to wait about a month before the phone launches; until then, we’ll be sure to keep bring you the latest update on Google’s latest as more information comes. 

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