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Samsung launches Galaxy SmartTag2 with improved tracking and battery life

by Warren

Samsung has officially introduced the Galaxy SmartTag2, set to launch globally on October 11. This latest addition to the Galaxy SmartTag series promises enhanced functionalities, allowing users to keep tabs on their valuables with ease and precision.

Jaeyeon Jung, Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings at Samsung Electronics, shared the company’s dedication to innovation: “The Galaxy SmartTag2 is a testament to Samsung Galaxy’s commitment to making people’s lives more convenient. We have enhanced the finding experience, extended the battery life, and included features that offer greater peace of mind in diverse scenarios.”

Key Features and Innovations

Lost Mode: This new feature lets users embed contact details on their SmartTag2. When the tag is scanned by any smartphone equipped with an NFC reader and web browser, the finder can access the owner’s message and contact info. For example, if placed on a pet’s collar, the Galaxy SmartTag2 ensures the pet owner’s details are always within reach.

Enhanced Compass View: Users can now ascertain the direction and distance of their tagged item relative to their position, facilitated by arrows. This feature is compatible with UWB-supported Galaxy phones like the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

SmartThings Find App Upgrade: The revamped app now directly installs a shortcut on users’ smartphones. With a new intuitive interface and full-screen map view, locating tagged items is simpler than ever. Moreover, when switching between Galaxy phones, SmartTag2 will automatically synchronize with the new device via the user’s Samsung account.

Extended Battery Life: The SmartTag2’s Power Saving Mode ensures a battery lifespan of up to 700 days, more than double its predecessors. Even the Normal Mode lasts up to 500 days, a 50% improvement.

Design & Usability: The compact, ring-shaped design of the Galaxy SmartTag2 emphasizes usability. It features a metal loop for sturdiness and compatibility with accessories like keyrings and clips. A notable new feature is the pet walking mode, which lets users log walks with their pets.

Privacy & Security First

Samsung remains dedicated to user privacy. The location of the SmartTag2 is only disclosed with the user’s consent, and the SmartThings Find feature is encrypted and backed by Samsung Knox for added security. Users can instantly disable the Lost Mode to erase the contact details and message on the device.

To protect against unwanted tracking, the “Unknown tag alerts” feature notifies users if an unfamiliar SmartTag is detected nearby. This functionality ensures users are safe from potential misuse of location services.

In conjunction with SmartThings Find, the Galaxy SmartTag2 also collaborates seamlessly with SmartThings Station, an always-at-home device scanner. This station alerts users about the location of their tagged belongings and can notify pet owners if their tagged pets stray too far.

As this time of writing, no pricing has been shared for the Galaxy SmartTag2 and we will be updating this space when we have it.

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