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Plus Xnergy offers rent-to-own solar panels for homeowners

by Victor Ng
plus xnergy

Local solar energy brand Plus Solar Systems has officially rebranded itself, changing its name to Plus Xnergy Holding; with this change in identify comes new offerings too.  

In the B2C front, the company is introducing a “first-in-market” solar rent to own program; it allows homeowners to sign up for an approximately five-year rental program, after which the panels will be wholly owned by the residents. 

plus xnergyDuring this five-year period, the operations and maintenance costs will be borne by Plus Xnergy, which gives new adopters a lower barrier of entry into owning and using solar panels. With their setup, the company believes that homeowners can save up to 90% of their monthly electricity bills.  

plus xnergyOnce you’ve signed up, the company will take over handling all aspects of getting your home fitted with solar panels; this includes the preliminary study of your home prior to designing the layouts, commissioning, installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance. 

Visit Plus Xnergy’s website here to learn more about their offerings.  

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