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Dell XPS desktops with 12th Gen Intel Core CPUs to launch in Malaysia this December

by Daniel
Dell XPS Desktop

The newly released 12th Gen Intel Core Alder Lake CPUs are slowly coming to Malaysia – for Dell, the Alienware Aurora R13 will be one of the first to sport the new chips, while the XPS desktops will follow suite very soon.

The new 12th Gen Intel Core desktops will be available with the Core-i5 CPUs all the way up to the Core-i9 chips. They’re paired with up to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 or the AMD Radeon RX 6900 GPUs for the best performance possible.

It even comes with DDR5 memory that supports up to a 50% faster clock speed than regular DDR4. This can go up to 128GB of RAM along with, two solid state drives and two hard drives. This is one of the fastest desktops that you can own now, but these products are also 42% larger in size compared to their predecessors.

Dell XPS Desktop Lifestyle

The thermals also have been given improvements with a redesign to the front of the chassis and a new 125W thermal solution to support better airflow and cooling. Dell has also added new fans that go up to 5,000RPM and work more efficiently at slower speeds, giving users a 50% quieter experience when working at higher loads compared to the older generation of the XPS desktops.

The Dell XPS desktops have not been launched in Malaysia yet, so the full hardware specs are not available for the time being. According to Lowyat the base price for the desktop is set at RM5,999 when it is eventually available in the country. For further information about the PC, head over to Dell’s website for more details.


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