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Xiaomi not ready for western market

by Reuben

Xiaomi has once again highlighted that it doesn’t have plans to release its products in the western market anytime soon. According to an interview by Engadget with Xiaomi’s Senior Vice President Wang Xiang, he claimed that, “Even though we don’t sell [in the US or Western Europe], we feel very sorry for not serving them well.” This was just revealed a day after Xiaomi’s launch of the Mi 6.

Like any other Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi may be dubbed by some as an iPhone rip-off company. While that might turn out to be true in some instances, you can’t deny that Xiaomi has been making relatively attractive phones with pretty good specs over the past couple of years at extremely competitve price points. It is also important to note that fellow Chinese favorites such as Huawei and OnePlus have been pushing out their products to the western market respectively.

According to Wang, one of the reasons why Xiaomi still has no plans on releasing its phones in US and European markets is that regions like the US are very much carrier centric when it comes to purchasing smartphones. Wang states that Xiaomi’s engineering team are just too busy right now to carry out the tedious testing required to customize and tailor the phones to these carriers.  ‘Haste makes waste.’ You need to focus with patience and wait for the perfect opportunity,” he said.

It looks like Xiaomi still remains focused on its current markets, mostly in the Asian region, with the Mi 6 still a no go for western markets. With companies such as LeEco struggling in the US, do you think Xiaomi is just playing safe?

Source: Engadget

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