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Person who got a lost iPhone gets owner interested

by Warren

What do you do when your phone is lost? Most of us will definitely be either using cloud services to track our devices or probably hope for that person to be stupid enough to take a selfie and have their photo accidentally uploaded, then rush to the nearest police station to lodge a report hoping to get our beloved smartphone back back. Here’s something interesting how this couple out there dealt with this situation.

A lovely lady by the name of Danielle Bruckman has apparently lost her iPhone somewhere and her phone was picked up by a guy. As expected, most people don’t even know that a cloud service is available for uploading pictures that they took, the man took a selfie of his own and Danielle managed to find out who got her iPhone. Instead of lodging a report on the thief, she actually imitated that person’s pose and even put on a mustache on herself so that she look like him.

Even more creepy, she finds it interesting and waits eagerly for the man’s selfie everyday. Check out the pictures below, and seriously, they really look like a pair of sweet couple. One word of advise, do return a lost iPhone to someone before someone starts stalking you. Creepy…

Source: CNBeta

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