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Nintendo Switch Pro to launch in 2021 with 4K support

by Yvonne Ng
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The upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro is supposedly launching by the end of this year and instead of maxing out at 1080p, it will support 4K content.

Nintendo Switch gained popularity during COVID-19 season

The Nintendo Switch was very popular last year when the pandemic started and everyone is suddenly playing Animal Crossing. Now, the upgraded model will be launching with higher resolution and DLSS technology which upscales image quality without compromising the frame rate.

Nintendo Switch Pro will come with more major upgrades

Leakers revealed that the Switch Pro will have huge improvements over the original switch, but we still don’t have the full details yet. However, you shouldn’t expect it to compete with the likes of PS5 or Xbox.

Either way, the new console should be launched this year. We should know in a few months’ time if the console ends up getting delayed to 2022.

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