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iPad mini 6 to look more like the iPad Pro, but without the M1 chip

by Yvonne Ng
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It’s about time Apple launch the next iPad mini — the iPad mini 6. The new iPad mini is expected to come with the newer design that we’ve seen on the iPad Pro and iPhone 12.

Design-wise, the iPad mini 6 is literally a mini iPad Pro

Apart from having a flatter, squarish design, the iPad mini 6 is also expected to ditch the Touch ID/Home button. Instead, it’ll sport the same equal bezels on all four sides, making it look like a mini version of the iPad Pro.

No, no, still no M1 here

However, just like the previous iPad mini, this upcoming iPad mini will not be using the M1 chip just yet; we’re still expecting one of the A-series Bionic chip which is supposedly not as powerful as the M1 performance-wise.

Goodbye Home button and Lightning port 

Another feature the iPad mini will be taking from the iPad Pro is the charging port. The iPad mini is expected to switch to a USB-C port, and its Touch ID will be relocated to the power button.

The iPad mini should be launching alongside a bigger iMac this fall, so it should be around the same time as the iPhone 13 lineup.


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