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Google Play Movies to offer free content soon but with ads

by Victor Ng

With the advent of Netflix, YouTube Premium and Apple TV – streaming movies and TV shows have become easier than ever. That leaves smaller players digging for ways to adapt to their gargantuan counterparts. 

One such player is Google Play Movies – the company that owns the app isn’t tiny, obviously, but the number of users who use this app is comparatively minute compared to Netflix, YouTube and even Apple TV. 

To remedy this, Google may implement free content but with ads – what Google Play Movies has to offer however, is having newer movies in their stockpile available for purchase or rent. With a movie costing upwards of RM20 and rent anywhere below that – offering them for free could entice movie lovers to flock to the app. 

According to 9to5Google, a string of codes found in the app reveal the presence of this service which could suggest Google has the feature ready to roll ou in the near future. 

It needs to be pointed out that this feature is an extension of YouTube Movies and share the same library of films. YouTube Movies however is not available here, so our next best option would be Google Play Movies. 

As 9to5Google points out, there’s no clear timeline when the feature will arrive, but now would be an ideal time considering the world is under the MCO at the moment. 

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