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Fast Laughs: Netflix’s new mobile feature now only available for iOS

by Yvonne Ng
Netflix, iOS, Fast Laughs
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Netflix is trying to be TikTok too; the streaming service recently announced a new feature called Fast Laughs that offers short, funny videos from its comedy genre to encourage users to watch them.

Not everyone can enjoy Netflix’s Fast Laughs 

For those who can access this new feature, it should be available at the bottom of your iPhone; for those who don’t, you’ll have to wait for Netflix to introduce it to your country or just embrace the fact that you’ll never get to enjoy this TikTok-like feature.

Android users will get Fast Laughs in the future, though Netflix did not specify the date and which countries will get it first. With Fast Laughs, Netflix aims to get viewer’s attention to certain scenes from movies and shows that may entice them to watch the films. They can even add those content to their list, start watching on the spot or even share the short clips with their friends on other social media platforms.

We don’t know if this will work out for Netflix, but at least you have a specific tab to go to when you’re looking for funny content on the app.

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