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You can now ‘Undo’ deleted messages on WhatsApp

by Warren

Didn’t intend to delete a message that you just sent? No problem, WhatsApp will finally let you ‘Undo’ your deleted message in the latest update.

As you already know, you can either delete the message for yourself or to the recipient on WhatsApp, but in most cases you might have accidentally tapped on ‘Delete for Me’ instead of ‘Delete for Everyone’, which can ultimately cause embarrassment if you have unintentionally send messages within a group chat, hence this feature couldn’t have arrived at a better time.


However, the ‘Undo’ button will only be available for 5 seconds after you deleted the message, so its a no brainer to quickly press on it if you realized that if you didn’t intend to delete your sent messages.

Go update your WhatsApp now.

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