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5 reasons why the SKYWORTH SUC6500 series will elevate your home entertainment! 

by Daniel
Skyworth SUC6500

If you are in the market for a brand new 4K Android TV, but don’t want to break the bank, then look no further than the SKYWORTH SUC6500 series. It is a great value TV that comes with all the essential features that you need to level up your home entertainment experience. 

Thin bezel design and great connectivity options 

SKYWORTH SUC6500 BezelThe SKYWORTH SUC6500 series has a great narrow bezel design that makes its aesthetically appealing and gives a great minimalistic look that brings a nice modern design to any living room. The thin bezels on the TV also mean you get a more immersive experience while taking less space so you will be able to fit it onto most TV cabinets. Additionally, the stand raises the height of the TV to 4.5-inches, which allows room to fit other devices like a soundbar, console, or TV box at the bottom. 


 Speaking of consoles, the connectivity is great with this TV. So, if you want to connect different consoles or devices with the TV, you can with the three HDMI 2.0 ports available and two USB slots if you want to watch your own downloaded content. It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that supports higher quality wireless streaming, which you can use on your smartphone to stream audio through your TV’s speakers. 

Packed with intelligent features 


This TV is packed with many great features such as the Google Assistant for easy navigation when you want to quickly open an app or search something on the web via voice control.  It also allows you to control all your smart home appliances that are connected under the same Wi-Fi.  

Another great feature that the SKYWORTH SUC6500 comes with, is a built-in eye protection panel that protects your eyes from harmful blue light that could cause retinal injuries. It even includes Flicker-Free Technology to prevent flickering on the screen so that you can maintain a comfortable viewing experience.

Best companion for your gaming PC and console 

SKYWORTH SUC6500 Game Performance

One of the standout features of the SUC6500 series is the gaming performance that it is able to offer.  

With the gaming mode option turned on, it greatly reduces the response time and input lag so that you get a smooth gaming experience and is one thing that you will definitely notice when you pair it with your gaming PC or console, especially when you are playing racing games such as Need for Speed or some fast first-person shooters such as Apex Legends. 

Good audio and picture quality for its price 

SKYWORTH SUC6500The two 10W speakers that comes with this TV supports Dolby Audio and DTS StudioSound to give you an immersive experience, this means you can binge-watch your favorite blockbusters at home while enjoying cinematic surround audio as if you are watching it in a cinema. 

With SKYWORTH’s Trochilus Extreme 2.0 engine, the SUC6500 Series TVs produces great image quality and natural colors as it works behind the scenes to intelligently optimize content for the best viewing experiences, streaming videos on YouTube and Netflix is also faster on the SUC6500 series all thanks to the efficient AV1 decoder. 

Comes with Android TV 


Finally, the SKYWORTH SUC6500 series comes with Android TV 10, which offers a great way to expand your TV’s capabilities with the huge selection of apps from the Google Play Store, apart from getting access to popular streaming apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, iQIYI and more, you can even download some fun games such as Crossy Road to kill some time if you can’t find something to binge-watch.

Furthermore, get quick access to your favorite streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Google Play with their respective dedicated buttons on the remote control, simply press on one of them and the TV launches the relevant app without you needing to browse it.

All in all, you are guaranteed a great experience with the SKYWORTH SUC6500 series because of the great value it provides. Given all the added features that you get with it, alongside the satisfactory picture and audio quality, it’s not hard to see why this TV is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to elevate their home entertainment experience. 

The SKYWORTH SUC6500 is now available in 50”, 55”, 65”, and 70” screen sizes. To find out more about SKYWORTH TV, visit SKYWORTH Malaysia website at www.skyworth.com.my.

This article is sponsored by SKYWORTH Malaysia.

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