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Intel launches 13th Gen Core processors, to be available starting October 20th

by Warren

Intel has finally caught up to the momentum with AMD by launching its 13th Generation Core desktop processors, which is also more well known as Raptor Lake.

Built on the 3rd generation Intel 7 SuperFin process, it comes in Core i5, i7 and i9 unlocked K and KF processor variants, the leading Core i9-13900K features 24 cores (8 Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores) and 32 threads, the CPU can achieve a maximum clock speed of up to 5.8GHz, which Intel claims is the world’s fastest desktop processor as of 7th September 2022.

Customers can expect up to 15% better single-thread performance an 41% better multi-threaded performance, which will benefit gaming and creative workflows respectively, these processors also has 2x the L2 cache and increased L3 cache.

In addition, Raptor Lake will support PCIe Gen 5.0 with up to 16 lanes when equipped with an Intel 700 series chipset  motherboards, while existing Intel 600 series motherboards can be equipped these new processors and still enjoy the performance gains over 12th Gen Core processors.

Intel will start shipping these new desktop processors on October 20th, with the Core i5 model retailing from US$294, the Core i7 retailing from US$384 and Core i9 retailing from US$564, the 13th generation Intel Core processors will ultimately consist a total of 22 processors from the mobile lineup and more than 125 partner system designs.

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