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Expand your food storage with a Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator

by Warren
BESPOKE Refrigerator

This Hari Raya celebration is all about getting everyone together at home and salivating over delicious food and drinks, it is also the time where your refrigerator tends to get full with groceries and more, which can be mind boggling and you wished you had an extra refrigerator that time, and this is why it is time to consider a Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator, which is a customizable and modular refrigerator system that lets you expand your food storage whenever you want. 

Here’s all you need to know about it. 

1-Door or 2-Door? Why not both?

The beauty of the Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators is that not only they come in unique colors* of Glam White, Glam Pink and Glam Navy in the form of 1-door or 2-door, you can mix and match that best matches your usage and kitchen – Bottom Mount Freezer in Glam White & Glam Navy and Glam White & Glam Pink and 1-Door Flex in Glam White and Glam Pink.

*Bespoke color varies by region.

Freezer or Fridge? Simply swap when you need it

Want more space for frozen food? With Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators, you can switch one of them to freezer mode* whenever you need it so that you don’t need to squeeze all of them in one small compartment, and once that is done you can easily switch back to the regular fridge mode, can your refrigerator do that?

*This function is only for 1-door flex.

Beat the heat with Power Freeze

Just got back home and want to quickly freeze up that ice cream you just got to chill from the Malaysian weather? Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators feature a Power Freeze Function which sets the freezer temperature to the lowest level with just a touch of a button, firming up frozen food like ice cream in no time and making ice effortlessly so that you can enjoy your ice cream just like how you got it. 

All-round cooling with Digital Inverter Technology 

Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerators can be operated at the same temperature and offers an all-round cooling to keep your food fresh, the No Frost technology also ensures no buildup of ice, so you don’t need to spend time defrosting your food. In addition, a power efficient Digital Inverter Compressor ensures that it performs optimally with reduced noise and you get a peace of mind with a 10-year warranty* and a 21-year durability certificate**.

*10 year warranty is limited to the compressor only.

**Awarded a 21 year durability certification by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on the usage circumstances.

For more information on how you can customize and own a Samsung BESPOKE Refrigerator for your home, visit this link. 

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