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Shot on new iPhone SE by Lee Fong Yeen, these photos look amazing!

by Warren

The new iPhone SE may look just the same as its predecessor and even has the exact same single 12MP camera, but one processor upgrade to the A15 Bionic chip enables computational photography features such as Smart HDR 4, Deep Fusion and Photography Styles.

To validate how good it really is, we sent our iPhone SE over to Lee Fong Yeen, who rose to fame last year for taking beautiful photos of his father while travelling to Kuala Lumpur, he has also previously contributed to us several amazing portraits shot on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Now, get ready to be amazed by Fong Yeen’s camera work on the new iPhone SE, below are photos are taken straight from the phone with no edits.

Portrait Mode

Landscape Scenery

As you can see, the new iPhone SE’s camera is no slouch despite being a three year old hardware, complemented by good lighting and photography angles, Fong Yeen was able to take advantage of Deep Fusion and Smart HDR 4 to capture stunning looking landscape scenery while maintaining details that is almost on par with some flagship phones in the market.

What do you think of these shots by Fong Yeen? You may follow his work by following him on Instagram @crayonyeen92.

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