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The XPERIA XZ2 Premium has dual cameras with ISO 51200 sensitivity

by Warren

In typical Sony fashion, the company is sure to release a Premium variant out of it’s flagship smartphone, the XPERIA XZ2 Premium is now official and comes with a lot of upgrades from the standard XZ2, including a dual camera system, a 4K HDR display, more RAM and a larger battery, not only it is the most powerful smartphone that Sony has ever released, it is also probably going to be the most expensive XPERIA smartphone.

Powering the XPERIA XZ2 Premium is the Snapdragon 845 processor paired with 6GB RAM, the display is also slightly larger at 5.8-inches, while we would assume that the 4K resolution will only kick in on certain apps when a 4K video is playing. The dual camera system of the XZ2 Premium is probably the largest upgrade of all, which comprises of a 19MP color sensor and 12MP monochrome sensor, this is the first dual camera sensor that is able to reach a maximum ISO of 51200 on photos and ISO 12800 on videos.

While most people will instantly assume smartphone camera sensors that can reach that high ISO sensitivity will generate a lot of noise in low light, Sony is reassuring that pictures will look just as good with it’s “AUBE fusion image signal processor”, which is responsible for combining the data of both sensors, optimize for low light and keeping noise levels at a minimal level, the company is also bold enough to claim that this low light performance is only seen on interchangeable lens cameras.

In other camera features, the XZ2 Premium features a bokeh mode, aka the portrait mode that we have seen on other smartphones, the front camera takes higher resolution selfies at 13MP, a significant bump from the XZ2’s 5MP camera. Lastly, to handle the more power hungry hardware, the XZ2 Premium now sports a larger 3540mAh battery with support for Quick Charging. The XZ2 Premium is expected to arrive in Summer, and we should also assume Sony to retail the phone as close as the Galaxy S9+.

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