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OpenSignal report shows that YES has the best 4G availability in Malaysia

by Tarvin Gill

OpenSignal has published a report on the State of Mobile Networks in Malaysia and they have done a very intensive research on all the major telcos through the data collected from users with their consent. The sample period ran from 1 Jun to 31 August 2017 and the data was collected from 75,288 devices all over Malaysia, impressively they have done over 1 billion measurements in order to get a conclusive result and you will be surprised who the winners are.

When it came to downloading speeds and latency on 3G and 4G networks,  the obvious winner is Maxis as they are capable of download speeds up to 23.6Mbps and a latency of only 40ms for the data to move from your phones to their towers and back to your phone. So with that, you would think that they would have won the overall download speeds and 4G availability as well, but that’s where you are wrong because YES managed to snag those awards from Maxis which is very impressive. YES has been under the radar for quite a while now and it is quite rare to find a friend or family that recommends you to port over to the YES network, but seeing as how they have a much more consistent download speeds and 4G availability to its customers shows that YES is not out of the fight yet.

Could YES be the next big telco provider in Malaysia? We are not sure but time will tell if they can manage to take the hill that Maxis has been on for so many years. Perhaps its time for a change of power and YES could be on its way to bringing us that change.

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