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Here’s a better way of sideloading Android apps on Windows 11

by Warren

Windows 11 now officially supports Android apps all thanks to Intel’s Bridge Technology, but sideloading apps is still a chore if you can’t find the app you want on the limited Amazon AppStore, while entering ADB commands is a complicated process for most, but thankfully, an app called wsa_pacman will do the trick of simply letting you double click on the APK and install the app as usual.

WSA_PACMAN is a GUI package manager and package installer for Windows Subsystem for Android. Once installed, the app will associate all .apk and .xapk file extensions, while offering the convenience to access the “Manage Applications” Android settings page that lets you configure app permissions and removing them.

The app will establish an ADB connection automatically to make sideloading apps possible, without the complication of the user manually entering commands which one can usually encounter connection issues.

WSA_PACMAN can be downloaded for free and is available over at Github.

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