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GoPro Hero 10 Black announced with new GP2 processor and 5.3K 60fps video

by Yvonne Ng
GoPro, Hero 10 Black

The new Hero 10 Black has been revealed; it comes with a new processor, higher resolution videos and stills, better stabilisation and it also automatically uploads footages to the cloud when charging.

The GP1 processor that has been used in GoPro’s Hero lineup since 2017 is now replaced with the more powerful GP2 processor, promising faster performance.

According to The Verge’s review, the new Hero 10 Black can capture photos and also save recorded videos faster than before.

GoPro Hero 10 Black announced with new GP2 processor and 5.3K 60fps video 29

Image credit: Gadgets NDTV

Now, GoPro users can also shoot 5.3K videos at 60fps, or 4K videos at 120fps with the Hero 10.

The Hero 10 is also capable of grabbing 19.6MP photos from a 5.3K video and has a similar 23.6MP sensor, but GoPro says that it’s better than Hero9 due to the new processor.

Users can also shoot slo-mo at 240fps at a higher 2.7k resolution — the Hero 9 limits it at 1080p.

GoPro’s upgraded HyperSmooth 4.0 comes with three options: boost, standard or off. The first of the three provides the best stabilisation but will also crop your image.

Users can also live-stream in 1080p with HyperSmooth 4.0 which has an increased horizon levelling from 27º to 45º.

Hero 10 Black – what did not change?

Design-wise, the Hero 10 Black is almost twinning with its predecessor, though you’ll notice the usual silver branding is now blue in colour. 

The camera is 71mm wide and 55mm tall, and you’re still getting a front LCD screen, a shutter button at the top, and a mode button on its side.

You’ll still get the same 1,720mAh battery and it’s still waterproof up to 10m.

While the GoPro Hero 10 Black isn’t locally available yet, it retails at $349.99 on its global store — we’re expecting it to be priced around RM2,300 when it launches in Malaysia.

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