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Fitbit Versa launches in Malaysia, price starts from RM990

by Warren

It didn’t take long for Fitbit to bring in it’s second smartwatch to the country, as Malaysia is one of the important markets for the company. The Fitbit Versa, touted as the smartwatch for everyone, has officially debuted this afternoon, this second smartwatch from Fitbit now comes with a much lower price tag than the Ionic and has some great features, including a 4+ day battery life, support for Fitbit Pay (not available in Malaysia yet), 50M water resistance and advanced female health tracking.

What’s missing from the Versa as compared to it’s higher end brother is a built-in GPS, which you probably only need if you want to track outdoor running workouts, it uses your phone’s GPS instead if you still require to track where you have been running. The Fitbit Versa is more of a smartwatch this round than a standard fitness tracker, it has a more fashionable rounded design unlike the Ionic’s squarish shape, it will do all the usual Fitbit fitness tracking features, including automatically detecting the type of workout you are doing. The Versa can also receive notifications and perform quick replies to messages on Android phones, you can also load up to 300 songs via Deezer on it’s built-in memory and play them via a Bluetooth headset, Spotify support is sadly not available.

Fitbit is targeting this smartwatch at Female users, as long as the user’s Fitbit profile has been set to Female, you will be able log periods and track menstrual cycles through Fitbit’s app, it lets you analyze your cycles and compare to other health stats like sleep, activity and weight, allowing female users to take action accordingly to manage their menstrual health. The Female Health Tracking feature will be available on both the Versa and Ionic via a software update on May.

At the launch today, Fitbit has also introduced the Fitbit Ace, a fitness tracker designed for kids that tracks steps and sleep, the tracker looks like a minimized version of the Fitbit Alta and comes with a smaller wrist band to fit a child’s wrist, the fitness tracker can be tied to a family account, which parents can have access to the child’s fitness tracking data and exchange messages within the app.

The Fitbit Versa will be available soon with a starting price of RM990 in black, gray and peach colors with their respective aluminum cases, a special edition of the Versa will come with a woven strap will retail at RM1120 along with accessories ranging from RM130 to RM420. As for the Fitbit Ace, it is expected to reach here in June with an expected price of RM490.

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