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BMW will no longer charge for CarPlay on their cars (UPDATE: Malaysia included)

by Warren

When I drove the BMW G30 530i M Sport, one of the things I complained about the car’s overwhelming infotainment system is the annual charge for using Apple’s CarPlay service, where other luxury marques are already including it as a standard infotainment feature in their vehicles, it would seem that BMW is set to remove that charge in its vehicles sold in the future.

This exercise is already going on in the US and UK, where existing BMW accounts are being updated to remove that charge and new vehicles purchased will already have the service activated at no charge. So far, there hasn’t been an announcement by BMW Malaysia if it is going to be the same here, but we believe it will soon be a global decision.

Currently, BMW vehicles purchased in Malaysia will have to pay as much as RM1899 for a lifetime access to the Apple CarPlay Preparation service, which by all means isn’t much if you can already afford a BMW, we have posted this questionable decision to BMW Malaysia before and unfortunately couldn’t get a definite explanation to this.

This is definitely good news for BMW owners who owns an iPhone, but unfortunately for Android users, there’s still no Android Auto support for your beloved BMW.

UPDATE: Paultan.org has just confirmed that this will apply to BMW cars sold in Malaysia.

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