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Aqara A100 smart door lock can be unlocked with your Apple Watch and iPhone

by Warren
Aqara A100

Aqara, a smart home solutions company has announced the Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee, it features a modern and elegant design and like its other smart locks, it will support Apple Homekit and Google Assistant.

One new thing that the Aqara A100 Zigbee will support exclusively with iPhone is Apple Home Key, which allows you to unlock the smart door lock with your iPhone’s NFC hardware by simply tapping your phone, this is also supported by Apple Watch as well and the credentials will be stored in the Apple Wallet app.

The Aqara A100 Zigbee will sport an 18-month battery life with eight AA batteries, apart from using your iPhone and preferred smart home assistants to secure your home, the smart door lock can be unlocked with a PIN code, NFC card, fingerprint, mechanical key and the Aqara home app. Even if the smart door lock runs out of power, you can temporary power it up over a hidden USB-C port.

According to 9to5Mac, the Aqara A100 will be exclusively launched in Malaysia and Singapore, where the company has a huge growing presence among smart home enthusiasts and users, no pricing details has been revealed yet, but meanwhile, you can check out our collection of Aqara smart home products at Good Deals by KLGG.

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