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Your hot phone can become SUPER COOL with the Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro

by Warren

Alongside the launch of the Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro, Black Shark has introduced a series of accessories to complement the phone’s ultimate gaming experience, one of them is the Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro, which features improved cooling performance over the previous model with several innovative features, and here’s why every hard-core gamer should consider getting one. 

Redesigned cooling system for up to 30°C temperature drop

To deliver the most consistent lag-free gaming experience, the Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro has been redesigned with 17 pieces of heatsink and a 227% larger cooling area for faster heat dissipation, a 7 blade high speed fan has also been employed for increased air circulation, which enables the cooler to reduce the phone’s body temperature by up to a staggering 30°C, which no other external coolers in the market can do. 

20W Ultimate Power Charging to achieve fast cooling

With its powerful 20W ultimate power charging, the Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro’s cooling surface can reach freezing cold temperatures in just 45 seconds, which enables it to quickly cool down the Black Shark 5 series and reach optimal temperatures for a smooth gameplay experience. 

Ergonomic design for extended gaming comfort


The Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro has been ergonomically designed for extended periods of gaming, which is why it uses a vertical air duct design so that heat doesn’t get dissipated through the sides to cause discomfort while gaming. 

RGB Lighting Customization in Shark Space

For the first time ever, the Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro is deeply integrated with Shark Space on the Black Shark 5 series, which allow you to customize the RGB lighting effects on the cooler according to your mood, there’s even a special lighting effect that works on supported games when you manage to score a victory or kill an enemy, this is definitely one cool way to show off your gaming phone to your audience. 

Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro Price and Availability in Malaysia

The Black Shark Fun Cooler 3 Pro is the perfect cooling companion for your Black Shark 5 series gaming phone, it retails for RM249 in Malaysia and can be purchased at the Black Shark Malaysia Official Shopee Store, Black Shark Malaysia is also giving a free Black Shark Monster Gaming Triggers when you purchaes the cooler, and don’t remember to take part in the ‘Review and Win’ campaign, so go grab one here!

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