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Xiaomi MIUI 13 revealed: Widgets added alongside new privacy features

by Daniel

Xiaomi’s event yesterday introduced some of their most anticipated products of the year, including the MIUI 13 update which features some much-needed additions to the software like widgets, added security, and more. So let’s take a look at what else is new.

One important feature that Xiaomi wanted to focus on was privacy. So now they have made a three-step verification process   – facial recognition where it also scans your upper body to ensure the body size is similar, ID scan, and their electronic fraud protection so now you can have full protection from people who are trying to enter your phone. The system can also protect you from spam calls, texts, and applications, and files that contain viruses.


In terms of the looks of the MIUI 13, Xiaomi created a new font called MiSans that was made for optimized Chinese and English languages to be read easily. Other than that, they also added an array of wallpapers called “Beauty of Science” that have crystal-like aesthetics of different materials. Widgets were also added so you can do things like have a calendar, countdown, reminders, pictures, and more.

MIUI 13Alongside all of this Xiaomi developed MIUI 13 Pad, which was made for bigger devices like their tablets. They are meant to improve productivity with things like multi-tasking, and added gestures like pinch-to-resize, drag and drop, and picture-in-picture for watching content. Xiaomi also claims that over 3000 apps were already developed to support this, so you can expect it to be rolling out soon.


They have also improved their connection to other devices like their phones, tablets, TV’s, watches, smart home devices, and more with the Mi Magic Center. Now you can manage all your devices in one place and easily do things like share content to monitors or TVs.

The MIUI 13 is still in beta and has already been available for selected Xiaomi products, with plans to slowly expand the UI to more devices by mid-2022.

Source – MIUI (Weibo)

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