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WhatsApp on iOS can now listen to audio messages while in other chats

by Warren

If you are a multitasker on WhatsApp, you would have hated the fact that you will have to stay on the same chat to finish listening to lengthy audio messages, that will no longer be the case with the latest WhatsApp update on iOS, as it will allow you to switch between chats as you listen to audio messages and files.


Version 22.4.75 of WhatsApp also brings other new features such as showing the profile picture of the contact when it pops up on your iPhone’s Lock Screen, which will probably save you trouble of recognising someone if they happen to use some weird names and you don’t have their number saved.

Focus mode is also properly supported after the update, where you can select certain contacts can still message you in the respective modes.

At this time of writing, the audio listening feature has not arrived at Android phones yet but we are sure it won’t be long for that to happen. Meanwhile, go hit that update button on your WhatsApp on iOS now.

Source: 9to5Mac

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