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Truecaller may come preinstalled on certain Android phones in the future

by Warren

Truecaller can be extremely useful when it comes to identifying unknown callers, though that convenience comes at the price of having ads everytime it identifies a phone call, unless you pay for their premium subscription plan, the company has announced that it has worked with leading smartphone brands in Malaysia to preinstall the app.

While Truecaller hasn’t specifically mentioned which phone brand it has worked with, we can assume the usual suspects such as Samsung, OPPO, Vivo and Xiaomi, which four of these brands dominate the top charts here when it comes to smartphone market share.

It isn’t surprising to see Truecaller identifying Malaysia as one of its key markets to expand its presence, as the app is one of the most used apps among Malaysian users and has an active user growth of 42.5% last year. According to Truecaller, over 8 million spam calls were received by Malaysian monthly, which is staggering and we definitely aren’t surprised by that claim.

Apart from Malaysia, Truecaller is also working with smartphone makers to have its app installed in India and Latin America, this move is set to cover over 100 million new smartphones over the next two years, it’s good to know that customers will not be forced to activate the app, and we assume that it can also be uninstalled from the phone if you don’t want it.

Source: TrueCaller (PR Newswire)

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