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CelcomDigi offers 5G Roaming in more than 30 countries

by Warren

As tourism begins to pick up, CelcomDigi has taken the opportunity to introduce 5G Roaming for their respective telco brands in more than 30 countries, these countries include popular destinations such as Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and China, 5G Roaming on these countries will automatically be activated when you purchase their respective roaming plans, and you will need to be already subscribed to a 5G-capable plan.

However, do note that although Celcom and Digi are under the same company, their roaming packages and 5G Roaming countries are slightly different, aside from the above countries mentioned, Celcom has 5G roaming partners in 22 countries while Digi has 5G roaming partners in 32 countries, while there are six countries that Celcom supports 5G roaming that Digi doesn’t, these countries are Belgium, Iceland, Luxembourg, Oman, Qatar and Turkey.

Also, you will also have to take note that the roaming telco partners is different as well.

Both telco brands offer long and short-term roaming passes. For long-term roaming passes, Celcom offers a 30-day unlimited internet pass for RM98 with validity in 57 countries, Digi offers a 30-Day World Pass that comes with 30GB high-speed internet for RM95 with validity in 69 countries.

As for short-term roaming passes, both Celcom and Digi offers daily and weekly plans, which you can find out more on their respective websites.

Celcom and Digi both activated their 5G networks after signing the RAO with Digital Nasional Berhad last year, they are the second telcos to have announced 5G roaming after Maxis, though the latter still hasn’t activated their 5G network here.

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