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Tesla’s V10 software update brings a whole new level of fun to the car

by Warren

If you have ever sat in a Tesla, the center console’s software is really something that other car makers will never be able to offer, and the company has taken entertainment in the car up a notch with Software Version 10.0.

The Tesla Software Version 10.0 is currently rolling out to Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars in the US. For starters, you are getting a suite of streaming apps including Spotify Premium, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu, you won’t be able to watch Stranger Things while driving as it requires you to be parked for safety reasons.

Software Version 10.0 also brings Smart Summon, which will allow customers subscribed to the company’s Full Self-Driving and Enhanced Autopilot service to summon their car out of a parking space and navigate its way to them. A new ‘Caraoke’ feature is included for a fun karaoke singing session in the car, which shows lyrics from a library of songs and supports multiple languages.

Tesla owners will receive the update as soon as they are connected to a WiFi network and there’s no need to request for the update.

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