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New Tesla rival car will be able to have a full charge in 9 minutes

by Tarvin Gill

Henrik Fisker, the design brains behind many iconic cars like the BMW Z8 and the Aston Martin DB9 has unveiled his take on electric powered cars. Fisker has claimed that his vehicle would have a range surpassing 400 miles and will have a full charge in just 9 minutes thanks to a new kind of battery technology, this is possible because the car will be using graphene supercapacitors instead of traditional lithium-ion batteries for power.

The sedan will have autonomous functions but it is unknown if it will be fully self-driving as there is a frame on the front of the car will hold a key sensor that uses lasers to detect obstructions on the road. It will also be the same price as the Tesla Model S as he has mentioned that when looking at the premium electric car market, there is only one company that is ahead of everyone else and he intends to provide more options to consumers.

Fisker was involved in the initial design plans for the Model S but left Tesla to create Fisker Karma, which had an array of battery issues that led to the bankruptcy of Fisker Automotive. Let’s hope that this time everything will be smoother as electric cars are becoming big thanks to the advancement in the technology and speed of electric cars.


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