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This SmartTAG reader has a dashcam and costs RM1799

by Warren

While RFID has very much replaced SmartTAG in most Malaysian vehicles, this isn’t stopping local company Amtel from releasing a more sophisticated SmartTAG compatible reader that comes with a built-in dashcam.

Simply known as the Lokatag Pro, it looks very much like a regular dashcam that one would mount on the windscreen with a slot that you can insert your Touch ‘n Go card, the device will also read out your card balance in Malay, English and Chinese, but there isn’t a display showing the balance.

In terms of its dashcam, it isn’t too shabby as the camera takes up to 2K resolution and comes with an automotive grade eSIM, which presumably allows you to pair it to a 4G telco network with a monthly subscription, it even comes with GPS tracking, cloud remote control and OTA updates.

The Lokatag Pro will draw power from your car’s battery, requiring no battery replacement compared to regular SmartTAG readers.

If these conveniences make sense to you, it is available for pre-order on the company’s website for RM1,799, it will be shipped out by March 2024 and customers can enjoy free installation service and car insurance by Zurich Malaysia.

Do note that Lokatag SmartTAG readers are not officially supported by Touch ‘n Go, as the latter have stopped producing SmartTAG readers several years back.

Source: Lowyat.NET


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