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Tesla sets up first Supercharging Station at Johor

by Warren

Today, Tesla marked another significant milestone in the Southeast Asian automotive landscape by unveiling its first Supercharging station at Sunway Big Box, Johor. Strategically situated in Peninsular Malaysia’s southernmost state, this charging hub directly connects Tesla owners in both Malaysia and Singapore, making cross-border trips smoother with an efficient charging system.

In honor of its launch, Tesla is rolling out a promotional Supercharging rate of RM0.63 per kWh for a limited period. Prospective customers and Tesla enthusiasts alike can also get up-close with the Model Y at the Main Concourse of Sunway Big Box. This showcase not only offers an immersive experience into Tesla’s state-of-the-art technology but also educates visitors about the seamless charging system.

This Johor-based Supercharging station is the second of its kind in Malaysia, following the recent inauguration of the Pavillion KL station. Comprising 4 Superchargers, it caters to a diverse range of charging needs for Tesla vehicles, making it an essential facility for owners traveling through the region. Its strategic positioning near the causeways connecting Singapore is particularly noteworthy, as it bolsters Tesla’s commitment to a transnational green transport network.

Noteworthy is the integration of Tesla’s V3 Supercharging system, which boasts a peak efficiency of 250kW. A Model Y performance, for instance, can replenish up to 270km of its charge in an astonishingly brief span of 15 minutes.

Tesla owners can look forward to more than just fast charging. With a comprehensive support system integrated into both the vehicles and the mobile app, owners can navigate effortlessly to the station, precondition their vehicle batteries, and dive into a swift, stress-free charging process. They can also monitor charger availability in real-time, keep an eye on their charging status, make payments, and even seek technical support.

As Tesla continues its mission to expand its charging infrastructure in Malaysia, more stations are set to emerge soon, cementing the country’s position as a hub for sustainable transportation.

For further details or inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to the Tesla Malaysia hotline at 1800810655.

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