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Maybank Cards can now be used on Google Wallet

by Warren

At long last, Google has finally added support for Maybank Credit and Debit cards to Google Wallet, this means you can make cashless transactions with any Android phone that runs on a recent version of Android and NFC hardware at payment terminals, it also makes Maybank the first bank to support all three mobile payment services in Malaysia, including Apple Pay and Samsung Wallet.

However, unlike other bank cards, you can’t have your Maybank card stored on two different platforms with Google Wallet like you can do on Samsung Wallet and Apple Pay, it can only be used on one device type at one time which you have your MAE app installed, as you will need to perform a verification on your MAE app when you first add the card to your Android smartphone.

To use your Maybank card on Google Wallet, ensure the app has been installed or download from the Google Play Store, tap add a Payment card in the app and enter your card details, follow the instructions and you are all set.

For a limited time, Maybank is offering a 100% cashback with up to RM10 for the first transaction that’s performed using Google Wallet, this is also offered to the first 1000 users who have managed to perform a transaction with Google Wallet.

At this time of writing, other Malaysian banks that support Google Wallet includes Ambank, CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, Public Bank and Standard Chartered Bank, Google Wallet also supports the Wise Visa Prepaid Card.

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