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Google Chrome Flex OS will breathe new life into computers up to 13 years old

by Warren
Chrome OS Flex

Google has announced Chrome OS Flex, a free-to-use cloud-based operating system that can rejuvenate old PCs and Macs that can no longer support newer versions of their respective operating systems, this operating system is developed shortly after the acquisition of Neverware.

While the regular Chrome OS has long been seen as a solution for such kind of systems, it has never come with a native installer from Google and the only way to get it done is to get it through the Chromium project, or purchase a regular Chromebook.

While Chrome OS Flex should work similarly to the regular Chrome OS with access to the Google Play Store, and Google is also bold enough to claims that you can even run it on a computer that’s up to 13 years old and expect a good web browsing experience, there are still notable limitations as compared to a modern regular Chromebook, not all shortcut keys will work properly and certain Mac webcams might not be able to function.

Here are a list of compatible computer models that will work with Chrome OS Flex.

At this point of time, Chrome OS Flex hasn’t been through any large scale testing and a stable version will be made available in the coming months. If you have an old laptop lying around that can still be turned on, why not give it a try over here.

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