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Ghostbusters World is out on iOS and Android

by Evon Karen Wong

If you love playing AR games like Pokemon GO, then you would most definitely like the newly launched AR game where you can bust ghosts on Ghostbusters World.

Ghostbusters World is a map based AR game where players can battle and capture hundreds of Ghostbusters ghosts in the real world by using their smartphones similarly to Pokemon GO. All of the ghosts in Ghostbusters World are ghosts from all dimensions of the franchise including the films, television shows, comic books, theme parks, and video games. Ghostbusters World will also feature some new ghosts which are special and unique from the franchise.

Ghostbusters World is out on iOS and Android 40

The game features location based game play, whereby the game uses Google Maps API to locate players location and surrounding, allowing players to see the ghost whereabouts. Player could also look for dimension doors that allows them to collect special item and resources to capture the ghosts in their area.

Ghostbusters World is out on iOS and Android 41

When players encounter a ghost, they will go into an AR battle which they will shoot the ghost with their proton packs, counter the attacks, and pull the ghost into the ghost trap. As a player levels up, they could team up with four of their friends to take on the big boss together. Player could also customize their avatar’s appearance, costume, and proton packs with special items and gear. The ghosts captured could also be leveled up through asynchronous PvP battles with other players.

Ghostbusters World is available on iOS and Android phones which users can now download for free through the Apple App Store or Google Play. The game does not require purchases to enjoy the full extent of the game, however there are in app purchases which are optional for players to purchase to enhance their own experience.

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