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Apple’s Unleashed event will take place this October 19; new MacBook Pros expected

by Victor Ng

Apple’s next event – Unleashed – is set to take place this October 19 at 1am. Greg Joswiak, Senior Vice President, announced the event on his Twitter page through a very short video. 

Neither the video nor the official event page discloses any info on the products launching – but reports have suggested new MacBook products to make an appearance. 

macbook proWe can expect Apple to launched a redesigned 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and these devices will offer 3024×1964 and x 3456×2234 resolutions respectively.  

Under the hood, these laptops will use the faster M1X chip – it achieves blistering fast speeds thanks to its supposed makeup of 8 high-performance chips, which is double the number of cores the regular regular M1 chip has. 

macbook magsafeElsewhere, we can expect the return of the MagSafe charging port – the replacement of the USB-C charging port could mean that Apple have found a way to include more ports for data along the chassis.  

There will apparently be a HDMI port and an SDcard slot too, making the new MacBook Pro quite the complete device for creators.  

With that said, however, Apple will omit the Touch Bar from the new devices like we speculated before; we’re not sure if this is a sound call from the fruit company, but the move could help shave off a few bucks from its price tags. 

You can catch the event livestream on Apple’s website here. 

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