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Apple is offering Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X free for 90 days

by Warren
Final Cut Pro X

Own a Mac and want to try editing videos and mix some music with it? Apple is now offering 90 days free trial of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, these two are the most popular content creation apps that is widely used by professional users on Macs and cost a lot to own.

Final Cut Pro X is a full fledge video editing software that lets you create high quality videos with its set of powerful tools and features, you can take advantage of its wide variety of animated titles and transitions while learning how to expand its capabilities by adding plugins from the resources here.

Logic Pro X is a professional recording studio software that also lets you create music from within all thanks to a music score editor, it also has a huge built-in sound library that comes with effects, sampler instruments, loops and more to make music making a time saver.

All features will be usable during the trial period and thereafter, customers will have to purchase Final Cut Pro X at RM1299.90 and Logic Pro X at RM799.

On a side note, Apple has also updated the iWork suite – Numbers, Keynote and Pages – on iPad OS and MacOS, which the biggest update feature bringing native support for the new iPad Pro’s magic keyboard and trackpad.

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