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Volkswagen reveals mobile charging robot for electric cars

by Yvonne Ng
mobile charging robot, Volkswagen

Robots are slowly being integrated into our lives; Volkswagen recently unveiled a prototype of its mobile charging robot that can charge electric cars on its own without human supervision.

Mobile charging robot can perform the whole charging process independently

Once started, the robot communicates to the vehicle on its own to carry out the entire charging process. This means that it can open the charging socket flap, charge the vehicle and then remove itself without any help. The robot is also capable of charging multiple vehicles by bringing one mobile energy storage unit to each vehicle and connecting them. Once fully charge, Volkswagen says that the robot will collect the mobile energy storage units and bring them back to the station.

It’s not just a robot; it’s a cute robot that’s also smart

Based on the video uploaded by Volkswagen, the robot will also be smart enough to detect incoming cars. This is a necessary feature as it prevents the robot from getting into accidents. Despite being a charging robot, Volkswagen also added eyes to make it more appealing, but that’s more of a bonus feature.

Flexible quick-charging stations to debut in 2021

That’s not all; Volkswagen also revealed its plan to introduce flexible quick-charging stations in 2021. This allows the stations to be installed quickly at wherever they’re needed and charge vehicles with up to 150kW. Too bad electric cars aren’t a thing in Malaysia yet, or else we would be able to witness and enjoy all these new technologies too.

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