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Top 5 VR games to play with friends on the PICO 4

by Warren

The PICO 4 is one of the best VR headsets that you can buy in Malaysia, and with the upcoming festive holidays, you might be thinking of getting one to either entertain yourselves or friends visiting your home, not to mention that the PICO Store has received a significant update with more games than before and has a lot of great deals going on, which is why we have listed our Top 5 VR games that you can play with friends on the PICO 4.

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All-in-One Summer Sports VR

Don’t want to feel the heat but want to do water sports and more? All-in-One Summer Sports VR will get you moving and sweating even if you are playing the game in an air-conditioned room, spin hard with your hands when cycling up the hill, brave the waters on the jet-skiing game with your movements, show off your reflexes with the fishing game, there’s just so much to do in one game that can get you immersed for an hour, not to mention that you can challenge your friends with its Multiplayer feature.

Fruit Ninja 2 VR

If you have been slashing fruits to kill time on your smartphone, it’s time to take it to the next level on the PICO 4, as Fruit Ninja 2 VR offers you a whole new experience of slashing fruits and more in an open world game play, you get to explore new places, complete missions and even upgrade your weapons to become the ultimate fruit slashing ninja.

Best of all, Fruit Ninja 2 VR lets you challenge with players globally and you can even slash fruits together with your friends to find out who’s the better fruit slasher.

Clash of Chefs

Worried of making a mess in your kitchen but love making food? Try Clash of Chefs, a competitive cooking game that’s going to put your reflexes to the test as you race with time to make food for your diners, the game can be played in 80 single player levels, where food combinations will get more complex along with more impatient diners, or if you are up for the challenge, simply play with real opponents in real time and you get to show who’s the real chef in a virtual kitchen.

Wands Alliances

Bored of guns and knives in competitive shooting games? Wands Alliances gets you into a wizarding war in the streets of Victorian London, where you will use your wand and cast spells to destroy opponents together with your team-mates, or achieve a team objective together to win the game, what a way to experience the magical world.


Fancy a game of chess? ChessVR will let you experience Chess in different room environments, where you get to rack up your brains on you next move with over 7 million global players, you can also opt to challenge your friends with the multiplayer mode.

Get the PICO 4 in Malaysia

PICO Store Sunway Pyramid

The PICO 4 VR headset can be purchased from our e-store Good Deals by KLGG from RM1,699, or you can visit the PICO Flagship Concept Store located at Sunway Pyramid to experience the VR headset.

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