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Samsung files patents for under-display cameras

by Victor Ng

The latest trend we’re expected to see hit the smartphone market like a wave will be under-display selfie cams – we’ve seen the first one arrive in the form of the ZTE Axon 20 5G; now, Samsung wants in on the action and have submitted patents for their own take on the technology. 

According to reports, Samsung has filed a patent onto the United States Patent and Trademark Office for their under-display camera design that will utilize two separate display panels on the phone. 

samsung under display camera patent

Image credit: Let’s Go Digital

Samsung wagers they can do it three ways – have the display where the lens go stretch across the top portion of the display in varying sizes, while they brand could also fit a smaller cut-out of the panel on the top corner of the display. 

The patents show that this second panel has a higher light transmission rate and a lower resolution output to allow the camera lens underneath to capture images better. 

There’s no word on when Samsung will put their plans into the works, but considering we already have the ZTE Axon 20 available to purchase, perhaps we won’t have to wait long before Samsung, or the likes of OPPO and Xiaomi to introduce their renditions of the technology. 

zte axon 20 5g

ZTE Axon 20 5G

For now, we’ll be turning our attention to the Galaxy S21, which will be launching this January 14.

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