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Meizu revolutionizes fast charging technology, 3,000mAh in a mere 20 minutes

by Reuben

Fast charging technology eliminates the need to carry a power bank around everywhere you go. The technology is probably killing the sales of power banks, fast. Most mid range to high end Qualcomm powered smartphones support its own Quick Charge technology. There are also other known ones by manufacturers themselves such as OPPO’s Super VOOC charge and OnePlus’ Dash Charge tech which is said to be based on Super VOOC. It is Meizu’s first appaerance at Mobile World Congress and the company has made its presence known with its revolutionary charging technology.

You’ve probably heard of Super mCharge if you followed the rumors leading to this official announcement. Meizu’s Super mCharge juices up smartphones faster than ever – 3,000mAh in only a period of 20 minutes. The new fast charging technology is of high power at 55W. In comparison, Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 uses 18W of power. Meizu has managed to keep temperatures safe and low with Super mCharge, claiming its highest temperature to be only 39 degrees celsius. 

Super mCharge uses an optimized charge pump technology which exports half of the voltage after transformation, yielding an impressive 98 percent efficiency. With that, Meizu has a specially designed data cable that can handle up to 160W of power. It has been indicated that the cable will cost three times more. The company has also made a new and safe battery which can bear more than four times the current and will have 80 percent capacity remaining after 800 cycles.

Meizu did not specify when will Super mCharge go official, but the new charging solution will probably be seen in Meizu’s own smartphones in the near future. What do you think?

Source: Meizu

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