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Introducing OPPO Air Glass: the mini projector lens designed to make life easier

by Valerie Quek

OPPO has unveiled its assisted Reality (aR) device that snaps onto your glasses and projects 2D information right in front of you — the OPPO Air Glass. The device has multiple functions and can act as a teleprompter, a real-time translator, and it even has a navigation tool.

Design & Components

The OPPO Air Glass has a sleek and minimalist look and weighs approximately 30g so you won’t have you worry about your glasses constantly leaning off to one side. The line on the side is actually the touch bar that you can interact with to scroll through different apps like the Weather and Calendar app, or just your usual notifications.

The device is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and OPPO’s self-developed Spark Micro Projector which is roughly around the size of a coffee bean. This mini projector uses advanced Micro-LED that is in-charge of displaying what you see on the monocular waveguide lens and has a brightness of up to 3 million nits (1400 nits in average brightness).

You can control the OPPO Air Glass by using the Smart Glass App on the OPPO Watch 2 and any OPPO smartphone with ColorOS11 and above. There are four ways of interacting with this device — touch, voice, head movement, and hand gestures (only when paired with OPPO Watch 2).



If you have trouble memorising scripts for presentations, this device could be for you because it can act as a teleprompter and other people wouldn’t even be able to see your script because it’s for your eyes only.


The built-in real-time translator could really bring communication to the next level. For now, it only supports two-way Mandarin Chinese-English translations, but will soon be followed by Mandarin Chinese-Japanese and Mandarin Chinese-Korean in the future.


As for the navigation tool, we can finally focus on what’s in front of us as we walk or cycle to our destination without having to constantly look down on our phones. OPPO is currently working closely with Baidu to improve users’ navigation experience; the Baidu Walk & Bike Navigation would allow for users to get instructions when travelling by foot or bike whereas the Baidu Explore Nearby displays information about nearby stores and attractions.


The OPPO Air Glass will launch in China during Q1 2022 and will be available in White and Black. You can also choose from two different frame designs — full-frame black or half-frame silver. Although its pricing and availability in other regions are not known yet, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any changes.

The device was unveiled during OPPO INNO DAY 2021 and if you’re interested in checking it out, you may visit the website here.

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